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Indelicato Chiropractic and Wellness provides the best chiropractic care for the whole family in the Bradenton area. Several of our services are listed below, if you have any questions or would like to enquire about our other services please call our office at: 941-746-2612.

Chiropractic Care

Here at Indelicato Chiropractic of Bradenton we take pride in providing advanced spinal correction and adjustments. We use state of the art techniques and equipment designed to provide a comfortable experience. We are now able to offer a level of chiropractic care that is higher than ever before.

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The modern techniques that we have adopted are safer, more comfortable, and most importantly more effective. Dr. Indelicato has the benefit of being able to utilize years of training, expertise, and experience. With these qualities Dr. Indelicato is able to provide his patients relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and many other conditions which have their originations in the spine. The services provided by Dr. Indelicato can be used for preventative care and will help you achieve health and wellness.

Physical Therapy

Our exercises that we teach here at Indelicato Chiropractic are "blueprint" exercises which will help strengthen your body to help correct body irregularities which may be causing you pain.

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Striving to help ensure their patients are comfortable many of these exercises taught at Indelicato Chiropractic may be done in your own home. This will help to ensure that your chiropractic care and spinal correction plan are even more effective. There are pains which patients may be experiencing that are in addition to skeletal misalignments. These include irregularities which may be corrected in muscles and connective tissues. Additional pains such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches are caused improper use of muscles and tissues. These can cause injuries over time as well. Here at our Bradenton office we like to target these pains with corrective exercises and stretches. Our experienced chiropractor will help you achieve feeling good and will educate you on achieving a balance for a healthy body and life.

Zerona Laser Treatment

One of our preferred therapies is the Zerona laser treatment. This treatment is non-invasive and is used for body contouring. The procedure uses the Erchonia Laser Scanner. Proven by a multi site clinical trial, Erchonia has validated the use of the procedure for the abdomen, hips, and the thighs.

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This low level laser therapy by Zerona is approved to be used on these specific target areas. Many doctors have their patients lie down on a table for 20 minutes on each side. While the patient is laying down on the comfortable table five lasers are applied to the target areas simultaneously. Many patients see amazing results.
There are thousands of people who have underwent this procedure and on average they report losing 3.64 inches from their waist. You can just imagine going from a large size to a medium size. Or a medium size to a small size. You can have all of this just be relaxing for forty minutes several times a week.

Nutritional Counseling

Many people ask us; what chiropractic care and nutrition have to do with one another? Through our customized and balanced plan of care our goal is to help our patients achieve health and a balanced body. One of the tools that we implement in achieving this goal is recommendations on nutritional supplements as well as good foods to choose for a healthy body. Our highly experienced chiropractic team of health professionals will assist you on your path to returning to optimal health. A goal that we should all be focused on accomplishing. We will answer all of your questions including; which supplements and vitamins that are good for you, how do these supplements and vitamins behave together, and more. Here at the Bradenton clinic our patients receive a structured nutritional program that is custom tailored to their unique needs.

Myofascial Release Therapy

This unique therapy will make you feel good and can help your body accomplish balance and achieve health. Myofascial therapy is a natural treatment approach. For many patients it will relieve musculoskeletal pain and leave them feeling balanced.

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Indelicato Chiropractic clinic offers more than chiropractic care. Here at our Bradenton clinic we offer massage and muscular therapy that not only compliments our chiropractic care but enhances it. Each session and plan is tailored to our patients unique injury or condition. This Myofascial therapy has been shown to provide several benefits including; increase in blood circulation, localized reduction in swelling and a relaxation of muscles. For relieving muscle pain and spasms massage has been proven to be effective. They have also been shown to aid in increasing a patients range of motion and help with a speedy recovery. There is also evidence that a session from a massage professional could even boost your immune system.

Spinal & Postural Screenings

Here at Indelicato Bradenton Chiropractic we believe that preventative care is worth a pound of cure. Spinal health is absolutely no exception. With our posture and spinal screenings done by our trained and experienced chiropractor, Dr. Indelicato, can help to reveal very important information on a patients health.

Indelicato Auto Accident Care

It may show the path to improving your overall health and well being. We love to serve our local Bradenton community and offer screenings at local area malls, community events, health fairs, and even places of employment. You may contact us today at: 941-777-1113 to arrange screenings.